[SNS] 130730 Yoseob’s Instagram Update

Can you guys still love me if my hair is like this?

In the midst of preparation!

Th.. Thank youㅜ Ma..Main page? Haha.. Hahahaha keke

Yokohama! R U Ready??

….think about picking up popcorn* and come up to the ring…


T/N: He means teeth in this context. He’s basically saying he’ll fight for B2UTYs since they’re all upset right now.

With a B2UTY’s heart…..

Sorry for editing let’s just pray. Sleep well!! Thank you to all the B2UTs who came today. Sleep well muah. dontworrybehappy.

When taking out in parts or in full, please credit accordingly as B2STIZEN.wordpress.com or @B2STIZEN


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